Excelent Murrel Macabe

Excelent Murrel Macabe

Acting Training Manager, Southern African Wildlife College, South Africa


Excelent was born in Ludlow trust, a rural village in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. Raised by a strict, law abiding family, discipline became a core value in the early days of his life. He was conditioned at a young age to setting goals and focusing on achieving them. Excelent Had to step up for his family at a young age due to limited financial resources. To cater for their needs, he took on various part time jobs during his high school years.

I am currently acting on the position of training Manager for field ranger training at the Protected Area Integrity Unit. I have the background of lifelong experience of 7 years as a field rangers trainer, which consists of a vast knowledge in leading, commanding, controlling, and supervising. This was executed on the tactical, operational and strategic level. I have operated within the parks and reserve of South Africa as well as in other countries such as cambodia. My experience is also substantiated by the following skills acquired i.e. Reaction Force Ranger, Advance, Diploma ETDP, Shooting Range Supervise, Grade A Security Management, National Key Point .

My previous position was Senior instructor where my key responsibility include the following: Training of Field Rangers in Anti- Poaching (Conservation), Supervise Field Ranger Training, Tactical coaching of members during field training, Instruction in tactical operations, patrol optimization, patrol planning, establishment of forward bases and observation points as well as facilitation and assessing Natural Resource Protection Module specifically in the area of Protected Area Operational Planning. I have also presented Field Ranger Armed courses in Zenave National Park , Limpopo National Park , Gile National Park as well as Twin City Reserve in Mozambiquie , ISYS Swaziland and Crime Scene at Botswana Wildlife Training.