Cobus Theron

Cobus Theron

Programme Manager: Endangered Wildlife Trust


Cobus is a Programme Manager for the Drylands Conservation Programme at the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). He has been working in conservation for the past 25 years, eight of which he has spent at the EWT. During his career he has worked in various positions within the NGO, governmental, and private sectors.

Cobus has a multidisciplinary academic background which includes Law, Project Management, Business Management and Environmental Management. He has frequently found himself in leadership positions and while he finds it a challenge, he has consistently taken on the responsibility with enthusiasm. His participating partner in the AICLP, Este, is one of many bright co-workers he feels proud to work with and learn from. 

Cobus’ passion for conservation extends beyond his employment at the EWT and into his personal life, which he spends managing a farm that is being declared a nature reserve. He is creative, innovative, and enjoys collaborating with people.