Cedric Tuyisenge

Cedric Tuyisenge

Assistant Lecturer, Rwanda Polytechnic Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kitabi (RP/IPRC KITABI), Rwanda


Cedric Tuyisenge was born in 1995 in Rwanda, Northern province, recently married with Lea UWIMBABAZI. He is assistant lecturer in Tourism department former Wildlife Tourism Department under which the advanced diplomas in Tourism and Destination management & Tours and Travel management are offered at Rwanda Polytechnic/Integrated Polytechnic Regional College-Kitabi (RP/IPRC-Kitabi) formerly Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management (KCCEM). He is graduating in bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management from University of Tourism, Technology and Business studies (UTB) formerly Rwanda Tourism University College (RTUC) and he holds Diploma in Wildlife Tourism honor with first class, from Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management (KCCEM).

He has been working as a teacher of different tourism related courses from different secondary schools of Rwanda like Ecole Technique de Karuganda (E.T. Karuganda, Ecole Secondaire Communautaire de Rucano (ESECOM-RUCANO, and later 1n 2018 joined Rwanda Polytechnic/ Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (RP/IPRC-Kitabi) where he has been delivering courses related to community awareness and environmental , Wildlife ecology, Albertine rift biodiversity assessment , Wildlife feeding patterns ,community based tourism, Tourism operations and Management, Tourism product development, Tourism policy & planning and Sustainable tourism development .

He attended different local and international workshops and trainings and he will attend Professional Development Program at Cornell University, USA this summer. Cedric is both Tourism actor and Conservationist. He has an experience in developing and reviewing curriculum both from lowers levels of technician, Diplomas and Advanced Diploma’s. Cedric has developed and organized different workshops and training courses and successfully reported like Community based tourism development training through Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation (LAFREC) project at Gishwati-Mukura National Park, different NEP trainings etc.