Alan Gardiner, Prof

Alan Gardiner, Prof

Head: Applied Learning & Research Department

“You can only learn when you do something”


Prof. Alan Gardiner as Head of the Applied Learning Unit at the Southern African Wildlife College has many years’ experience in project management. He is an ecologist with twenty four years postdoctoral experience in sustainable utilisation of natural resources, community based natural resource use & environmental impact studies. 

Thirty four years’ experience in the ecology & taxonomy of African lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths) and twenty two years’ experience in the ecology & taxonomy of Southern African Scarabaeinae (Dung Beetles).


  • D.Phil University of Zimbabwe 1995.Thesis title: The Effect of Large Mammalian Herbivore Community Structure on the Composition and Ecological Function of the Coprophagous Scarab Beetle Fauna (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Appointment as Professor Extraordinary, Stellenbosch University 2014 in “The School for Public Leadership”.
  • Bsc (Hons) Rhodes University 1986.
  • Bsc Rhodes University 1985.


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