INSIGHT Relaunches: A Global Platform for Combatting Wildlife Crime

INSIGHT is an online platform built to facilitate knowledge sharing between people and organisations working to combat wildlife crime. Previously known as the ‘iSivivane Anti-Poaching Toolbox’, it has recently been re-designed and re-launched as INSIGHT, and is a secure website with protected access for verified persons working to combat wildlife crime. 

Wildlife crime involves any illegal activities related to wild animals, plants, or their derivatives, such as poaching, trafficking, and illegal trade and is a global crisis that continues to devastate ecosystems and endanger species and local economies. The need for a coordinated, international efforts to address wildlife crime is more critical than ever, and INSIGHT aims to be a central knowledge-sharing hub for this important cause.

“INSIGHT’s mission is to cultivate a secure, inclusive, online space where individuals and organisations worldwide can come together to share experiences, technology, case studies and best practices,” says the Project Manager, Dr Cleo Graf from the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC). “The platform features members from across the globe, together contributing a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise in the fight against wildlife crime.”

The newly relaunched platform offers enhanced features to its community. INSIGHT’s members have access to each other’s product reviews and resources, and can contribute to the system by adding their own opinions, experiences, and case studies. Additionally, the platform allows for active engagement with peers through a dedicated space to comment or pose questions to other members. This will also initiate discussions with other field experts to explore potential solutions and collaborate on new developments, fostering a more effective and coordinated global approach to combatting wildlife crime. 

Whether you want to know what the optimum tried and tested communications systems in parks without cell phone coverage, the best camera trap systems to report real time sightings, or whether you are looking for the latest counter poaching methodology or standard operating procedures for use in your park, the website can assist. 

To ensure the integrity and security of shared information, access to INSIGHT remains exclusive to approved members. Those interested in joining the Insight community are required to complete a brief registration form on the INSIGHT platform for approval.

As INSIGHT prepares for its next chapter, we encourage all individuals and organisations involved in, or supporting, the fight against wildlife crime, to join this dedicated community. Together, we can make a difference in global efforts to protect our planet’s precious natural resources.

For more information about INSIGHT and the relaunch, visit their website