Electric motorcycle riders help save endangered animals 

Cake customers donate eight electric Kalk AP motorcycles to be used in anti-poaching activities on the African continent.

Cake, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced the latest development in its anti-poaching program being conducted in close cooperation with the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC). As a direct result of consumer interest and support, a further eight electric Cake Kalk AP motorcycles have now been distributed to a protected area to be used in anti-poaching activities. 

Buy a motorcycle, fight wildlife poaching

Launching the modified Cake Kalk AP motorcycle in 2021, Cake gave customers the opportunity to purchase the rugged off-roader at a premium price in a “buy one, give one” campaign. This meant that the anti-poaching project would receive a fully sponsored bike bundled with solar charging stations, for each unit sold to consumers. As a result, the initial two silent, solar-powered, anti-poaching motorcycles sponsored by Cake have now been accompanied by a further eight, to be used by rangers.

As part of its applied learning approach, the SAWC is in the process of conducting a research project on the effectiveness and efficiency of the bikes, which will in turn lead to required improvements being made specifically for use in conservation areas.

“The petrol bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. The Cake bikes are quiet, which makes it easier for us to approach poachers undetected”, commented Mfana Xaba, Anti-poaching team leader on the ground, who has also received training by the SAWC.

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A collaboration in the wild

This Conservation Project has to date received EUR 300,000 worth of equipment, ranging from electric motorcycles to solar panels, largely contributed by Cake customers and other sponsors. The Cake Kalk AP, a modified version of the Cake Kalk off-road motorcycle, has proven to be an important tool for park rangers and counter poaching teams, with the silent properties of the electric drivetrain offering quiet patrolling and other stealth missions conducted at night. Additionally, the SAWC will measure if there are significant cost and emission savings, largely by measuring the decrease in fuel dependency, the latter often being delivered by air/truck to remote locations.

Learn more about the Cake anti-poaching project here.

KALK AP, CAKE, Southern African Wildlife College, Wildlife College, anti-poaching, electric Kalk AP motorcycles, electric bikes