Sindile Busisiwe Mlambo

National Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

An experienced Field Guide in the Kruger National Park with a firm grasp of how her training at the Southern African Wildlife College will help her combat the greatest challenges to conservation in her workplace and community.

“My job as a Field Guide allows me to promote ecotourism in South Africa and the knowledge I learn helps teach the value of conservation to my community at home.”

Sindile is a hardworking Field Guide who has achieved senior ranking within her workplace, the Kruger National Park. Having gained experienced in various regions of the park and learned from her superiors, she is well equipped both theoretically and practically.

Her ambition at the Southern African Wildlife College is to absorb the expertise of the lecturers whom she holds in high stead, and to receive the best training possible to elevate her guiding career into a conservation management career.

Sindile has outlined specific strategies for combating the local challenges in conservation. She would like to engage the youth by visiting local schools and teaching children about the importance of a clean environment, biodiversity, and water conservation. As a woman in the field, she hopes to inspire young girls to pursue similar interests and become part of the country’s wildlife defenders.

Sindile requires support towards the R75 000 needed for her bursary. This is an amount that she does not have access to personally, which is why the SAWC as a non-profit organisation is calling upon a network of donors and supporters to help raise these funds. By donating any amount, large or small, you are playing a crucial role in helping Sindile receive the best possible training for her career in conservation.

Minimum Price: R100.00

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