Qolani Mongwe

National Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial

An experienced Field Ranger and father of two with dreams of reaching the top, impacting decision-making, and making a difference to community and country.

“I understand the issues that my community faces with conservation and I know that getting an education at the Southern African Wildlife College will help me promote a healthy and safe environment for all.”

Qolani’s job as a Field Ranger for the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment, and Tourism (LEDET) requires that he fulfils duties in law enforcement, environmental education, daily patrols, infrastructural maintenance, data collection, and mentorship.

In the past, he worked for the College itself as a General Worker before moving to SANParks and then LEDET as a Field Ranger. His progression in conservation thus far has encouraged him to set career goals and work towards more senior positions in the field and enrolling in the National Certificate in Natural Resource Management will help him get there.

Most urgently, he wants to address immediate issues of overgrazing, deforestation, littering and pollution, and the invasion of alien plant species in the areas around Man’ombe Nature Reserve where he works.

Qolani requires support towards the R75 000 needed for his bursary. This is an amount that he does not have access to personally, which is why the SAWC as a non-profit organisation is calling upon a network of donors and supporters to help raise these funds. By donating any amount, large or small, you are playing a crucial role in helping Qolani receive the best possible training for his career in conservation.

Minimum Price: R100.00

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