Citty Advocate Mushele

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Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation from Kruger National Park

Determination to achieve what he puts his mind to.

“My previous jobs did not offer me experience in what I studied at college, but I worked hard and saw them as opportunities to learn from people who were experienced in their own fields. I gained effective communication and team work skills, which will help through my course at the Southern African Wildlife College and grow my career in conservation.”

Citty completed his diploma in hardware engineering at Arise Business College in Limpopo Province, South Africa, and then he took up work as a petrol attendant at a local garage. He persevered and soon moved to a clerk position at a grocery store where he spent another year.

Today, Citty is a trained senior field guide employed in the Kruger National Park where he looks once again to his managers for inspiration. Learning from more experienced professionals, he knew that in order to achieve his dreams of becoming a public speaker for environmental issues, such as rhino poaching, he would need to build his skills and training in conservation. Now, he is enrolled at the Southern African Wildlife College in the Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation course, which he believes is the key to equipping him with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Citty requires support towards the R75 000 needed for his bursary. This is an amount that he does not have access to personally, which is why the SAWC as a non-profit organisation is calling upon a network of donors and supporters to help raise these funds. By donating any amount, large or small, you are playing a crucial role in helping Citty receive the best possible training for his career in conservation.

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