António Hilário Chemane

Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation from Limpopo National Park

Committed conservationist with a proven track-record of self-improvement.

“I am extremely grateful, on a daily basis, not only to the donors who have funded my education and self-betterment so far but also to the responsible people from my workplace who have given me the chance to serve the nation and especially the Limpopo National Park. I look forward to performing improved services after my successful completion of the course. I want to become a highly valued and  professional asset in wildlife conservation.”

António’s career in conservation started in 2001 and developed over the 18 years he has spent in the field in Limpopo National Park. He has three different training courses at the Southern African Wildlife College under his belt and also completed his secondary schooling as an adult, thirty years after he finished primary school in 1980.

Almost two decades of hard work pursuing a career in conservation, showing loyalty to his organisation, achieving promotions, and continually seeking more advanced training, António is now a student of the Advanced Certificate in Nature Conservation and we are seeking funding to help him complete his studies.

He was initially employed as a Forest and Wildlife Field Ranger in Limpopo National Park and shortly afterwards was promoted and awarded a senior position as Camp Manager in 2005. By 2007, he furthered his Field Ranger training at the SAWC, and then returned 10 years later as a student of the Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation course.

António requires support towards the R75 000 needed for his bursary, which will enable him to complete his studies. This is an amount that he does not have access to personally, which is why the SAWC as a non-profit organisation is calling upon a network of donors and supporters to help raise these funds. By donating any amount, large or small, you are playing a crucial role in helping António receive the best possible training for his career in conservation – and equipping him to contribute to the conservation of the Limpopo National Park.

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