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Wildlife Area Management

Tourism Management

Course Outcome

Identify, evaluate and consolidated suitable tourism opportunities in order to draft a tourism development plan in support of organisational objectives 

Learning Outcomes for this module:

At the completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate potential tourism products and services in support of tourism development in our area of operation.
  • Apply eco tourism principles in the drafting of a tourism development plan as it applies to own area of operation
  • Use and apply principles of community tourism to support tourism development in own area of operation
  • Evaluate marketing approaches suitable for the promotion of eco-tourism as it applies to own area of operation


Strategic Areas Covered

  • Customer service
  • Customer safety
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Ecotourism and tourism development
  • Government, private sector and communities in sustainable tourism development
  • Development of physical facilities for tourism industry
  • Commercialization and project viability


Who can attend?

This course is suitable for individuals wishing to become tour operators, current tourism and tour operators who would like to expand their knowledge and skills base, professionals in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries, trackers and guides who are involved in the in the wildlife industry.



This course is a NQF level 5 or 6 course and is institutionally accredited by the Southern African Wildlife College.


Course Duration

5 days

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