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Spatial Monitoring & Research Tool

Purpose Statement

SMART is highly flexible tool for collecting spatial and temporal information of unlimited types. It allows for fast and efficient data collection analysis and presentation in a standardised format. This facilitates for broad based comparisons across projects and across departments/organisations and, importantly, reduces data processing times.

The course aims to provide the learner with the basic knowledge and skills associated with using SMART. These Include:

  • Introduction, history and current state of SMART use globally.
  • Project planning
Set up SMART
  • Creating conservation areas and base maps
  • Defining data collection events and mandates.
  • Populating employee lists.
  • Importing and creating a data models
Data collection
  • Program installation on cell phones (android only).
  • Collecting, uploading and downloading data.
Data Handling
  • Create, edit and run data queries and manipulations
Data Presentation
  • Create a report templates, including logo, a title, a date range, maps, tables and charts.
  • Use queries created to populate the report
  • Format and export reports
Questions/Problem Solving for using SMART in daily work
  • Time is allowed to implement new skills, in the presence of the trainer, to build models and set up conservation areas for each participant’s project.

Course Outcomes

During the course we will be working on projects relevant to your work. With each step the learner will build on from the previous one. By the end of the course, learners will have a simple but functional SMART project that you can take away and work on for your own projects.


Ms. Marilize van der Walt

Email: marvdw@sawc.org.za

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