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Occupational Qualifications

Skills Programme:

Field Ranger Protected Area (Unarmed)


A learner who has achieved one or more of these unit standards will be able to implement operational knowledge and skills within a conserved area in the subject field of the completed unit standard/s.

The course focuses on the skills needed by Field Ranger staff of a conserved area. The learner will also be in a position to lead and mentor other learners in the attainment of management objectives in the context of the law enforcement and operational aspects of managing and maintaining the integrity within a conserved area.

A learner will also be able to make valuable contributions to community development and other community based projects.

The qualification has been developed to assist professionalism across the conservation industry.

Exit level outcomes of the programme:

Learners qualifying against the skills programme will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and understanding of nature conservation issues, and how they relate to society as a whole
  • Carry out designated conservation security practices according to a plan, e.g. conduct routine security patrols
  • Assist in attainment of management objectives as related to the use of fire as a management tool
  • Service and provide routine maintenance to a variety of fences

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