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Occupational Qualifications, Short Courses

Skills Programme:

Dangerous Game Site Guide: Level 2


A learner who has achieved one or more of these unit standards will be able to implement operational knowledge and skills within a conserved area in the subject field of the completed unit standard/s. The course focuses on the skills needed by a guide operating in a natural or conservation area. The learner will also be in a position to lead and mentor other learners (at this level) in the attainment of guiding objectives in the context of the nature guiding in an area with potentially dangerous animals. A learner will also be able to make valuable contributions to nature based tourism operations. The qualification has been developed to assist professionalism across the nature guiding industry.


Target group:

Entry level people who have expressed an interest in nature guiding. Existing Field Rangers who would like to expand or make a change in their career path.


Exit level of the programme:

Students qualifying against the skills programme will be able to:

  • Accurately identify reasonably clearly defined spoor of small to large animals
  • Systematically follow the track of a large ungulate or similar animal
  • Estimate the age of spoor as less than a day, one to two days or older
  • Establish needs, limitations and expectations of tourists
  • Identify and assess locally accessible heritage resources and plan a guided experience
  • Provide informed and entertaining commentary
  • Apply a set of professional ethics
  • Ensure the health and safety of tourists on the guided experience with legal requirements
  • Ensure legal requirements pertaining to the guided experience are adhered to
  • Reflect on the guided experience
  • Prepare to conduct a guided nature experience on foot in areas where potentially dangerous animals may occur
  • Interpret the behaviour of animals in the broader ecological context in terms of human safety
  • Lead a guided experience to view potentially dangerous animals
  • Demonstrate firearm action drills in the event of an attack by an animal

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