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Wildlife Area Management

Philosophy and Ethics of Conservation

Course Outcome

Use and apply principles of ethics and conservation philosophy in support of ethical conservation.


Learning outcomes for this course:

  • Understand the principles of values and ethics as it apply to the nature conservation environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of the philosophies underpinning current practices in conservation as it applies to Transfrontier conservation issues.
  • Investigate the relationship between personal values and ethics and human behavior as it applies to conservation environment.
  • Investigate and evaluate environmental and conservation issues in relation to human behavior, ethics and personal values.


Strategic Area Covered

  • Introduction
  • Philosophy and conservation ethics basic concepts and different approaches to conservation issues
  • Approached to conservation based on different belief and value systems
  • Other movements and approached related to conservation ethics
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Philosophy and ethics summary


Who can attend?

This course is suitable for Park Wardens, Conservation Agency Management Staff. Applicants must have knowledge, comprehension and application of English.



This course is a NQF level 5 course and is institutionally accredited by the Southern African Wildlife College.


Course Duration

5 days

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