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Skilled Practitioner Classes

PASOP - Protected Area Standard Operating Procedures in Practice

All that needs to be considered when executing standard operating procedures (CLE-004)

Protected Area Security Operations  planning and Standard operating procedures in protected areas for Counter Poaching units not only creates a platform from which all are on the same page, but may also mean the difference between life and death for either the field ranger or the poacher. Having a plan and these procedures within protected areas creates much needed synergy in teams involved in hot pursuit operations, and has produced many successful results for Rangers.

This class is approximately +- 2 hours in duration at our field ranger base and is given by Mr. Ruben de Kock or one of our AFRTS trainers.

A visit to the GKEPF command center implementing various standard operating procedures to curb poaching situations in the region. 


Mr Ruben de Kock giving young minds a taste of what it’s like to be under command of a senior officer when following standard operating procedures.


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