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Short Courses

Law Enforcement

Natural Resource Protection

Course Outcomes

Plan and implement natural resource protection plans in a conservation area.

Learning Outcomes for this module:

At the completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Plan and implement security operations in a natural resource area in support of conservation objectives and planning.
  • Apply natural resources protection principles in the drafting of a strategic protection plan for a natural resource area.
  • Apply management skills in the provision of leadership to Field Rangers responsible for law enforcement in a natural resource area.
  • Plan, deploy and supervise staff according to natural protection plans and activities as it applies to a natural resource area.

Strategic areas covered:

  • Planning for enforcement operations
  • Liaise with local communities to resist and prevent illegal activities
  • Procedure for dealing with evidence
  • Coordinate activities with law enforcement and regulating agencies
  • Lead an investigation
  • Develop and manage informant networks
  • Legal requirements and instruments for improving and extending protection of protected area regulations
  • Wildlife trade links and other illegal activities and markets
  • Collection of illegal equipment and material


Who can attend?

This course is suitable for Park wardens / managers, rangers and senior field staff, people involved with the implementation of security operations and law enforcement within protected areas.

Applicants must have knowledge, comprehension and application of English.


This course is a NQF level 5 course and is institutionally accredited by the Southern African Wildlife College.

Course Duration

10 days courses


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