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The Field Ranger: Paramilitary Programs at SAWC

An inside view of what it means to be a field ranger in Africa (CLE-002)

Being a field ranger is not for the faint hearted in today’s protected areas. The era of field rangers today face the same challenges that soldiers face on the front lines of a full scale war, defending the cause of wildlife and the much needed nature reserves these species require to survive.

The heart, attitude and skill of field rangers to be the local law enforcement on the ground needs much time and preparation if he or she is to stay alive when in hot pursuit and coming into contact with poachers.

This class is approximately +-1,5 hours at our field ranger base (includes a tour of our training base) and is given by Mr. Ruben de Kock, Me. Marianne de Kock, Mr. Clive van Rooyen or Mr. Wouter Combrink.

Me. Marianne de Kock, Protected Area Integrity Department, explaining what it take to be a field ranger and the training required.


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