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International pressure threatens the hunting industry:

Behaviour and ageing of lions - the case of Cecil the Lion and its repercussions and impacts

International pressure and resistance to the sustainable use of wildlife as a conservation tool has reached catastrophic proportions. Never before has hunting come under such pressure despite the fact that the international perception of how Africa views and values its wildlife resources is poorly understood by those who shout the loudest. This talk give some perspective of how important hunting is to the communities who must live with the wildlife and the industry as a whole. It provides a true account of the issues around Cecil the Lion, and the effects of an unfounded international uproar.  Learning more about lions, the tough lives they lead and how to age them accurately will hopefully give this controversy a more logical perspective.

This class is approximately +-1,5 hours in duration on our main campus.

The class is conducted by Dr. Kevin Robertson

Lions, aging of lions, dr kevin robertson

aging of lions, international pressure threatens hunting industry, lions, dr kevin robertson

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