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Wildlife Area Management

Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) For Wildlife Management


Course Outcome

Use ArcGIS Geographical Information Systems in support of conservation objectives and activities

Learning Outcomes for this module:

  • Collect and Manage spatial data
  • Use GIS in the identification of general reserve planning requirements
  • Use GIS in the planning of reserve development and land-use planning
  • Use and apply GIS in support of conservation planning and activities management

Strategic areas covered

  • Introduction to ArcGIS 10.5
  • Theme properties and display
  • Presentation of data
  • Tabular display and editing
  • Map projections
  • Vector data capture & introduction to raster data
  • Spatial analyses
  • Map layouts
  • Natural information collection kit (NICK)
  • QCIS


Who can attend?

This course is suitable for Park Wardens, Conservation Agency Management Staff, People involved in designing, planning, monitoring and evaluation of Parks and Reserves or Conservation Programmes. Applicants must have knowledge, comprehension and application of English.



This course is a NQF level 6 course and is institutionally accredited by the Southern African Wildlife College.


Course Duration

5 days for those that have experience in ArcGIS already. Not for beginners.

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