Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Research and Development
Peter Hamming
Campus, Offsite
10 days

GIS is a free software for those that need the software in support of conservation objectives and activities regardless of where they are located.

Course outcome:

Use Geographical Information Systems in support of conservation objectives and activities.

Learning outcomes for this module:

  • Collect and Manage spatial data.
  • Use GIS in the identification of general reserve planning requirements.
  • Use GIS in the planning of reserve development and land-use planning.
  • Use and apply GIS in support of conservation planning and activities management.
Strategic areas covered:
  • Introduction to Quantum GIS
  • Theme properties and display
  • Presentation of data
  • Tabular display and editing
  • Map projections
  • Vector data capture & introduction to raster data
  • Spatial analyses
  • Map layouts
  • Natural information collection kit (NICK)
  • Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) Course Outline
Suitable for: 

Anyone in a networking role.