EarthRanger for Administrators

Research and Development
Peter Hamming
Lecture, Online
1 day

EarthRanger is an easy-to-use, online software tool built to meet the unique needs of protected area managers and any organisations who want to visualise data over a large area. The application integrates and displays historical data from smart or connected devices and real-time data available from a protected area; wildlife, the rangers protecting them, and other threats. EarthRanger empowers protected area managers and rangers to take immediate, proactive action to prevent and mitigate threat incidents.

This course covers:

This course level is advanced and targeted at administrators. It is aimed at learners who have a good understanding of ER whether protected area management staff, organisations that are monitoring specific species, and anti-poaching organisations. An institutionally accredited certificate of competence is awarded. There are two formal assessments to achieve the certification. The duration of the course is two full days.

The pre-requisite for the EarthRanger Managers course is:

  • Computer literacy
  • All courses are presented in English
  • Good knowledge of smart devises
  • EarthRanger for data capturers

Course Outcome: The course aims to provide the learner with the intermediate to advanced knowledge and skills associated with using EarthRanger. These Include:

  • Uploading and creating Geospatial layers 
  • Adding users and creating permission sets
  • Managing events and incidents
  • Managing alerts
  • Managing analyzers
  • Managing and enabling data sharing
  • Understanding how to import and integrate external data sources
  • Tracking personnel and priority species
Suitable for: 

Anyone in a networking role.