Dangerous Game Site Guide – Level 2

Course ID
Responsible Resource Management
NQF Level 2
Various instructors
Campus, Contact Training
75 training days


The qualification has been developed to assist professionalism across the nature guiding industry and focuses on the skills needed by a guide operating in a natural or conservation area. A learner who has achieved these unit standards will be able to implement operational knowledge and skills within a conserved area in the subject field of the unit standards.

Target Group

Entry level people who have expressed an interest in nature guiding. Existing Field Rangers who would like to expand or make a change in their career path.

Entry level requirements

An interest in and passion for the guiding profession.
The learner will be required to have:

NSC (Matric) with a minimum of a Grade 4 in English, Maths literacy and Geography or Life Sciences

OR FLC Certificate in Communication and Maths literacy or equivalent and Matric Geography or Life Sciences

Valid driver’s licence

Exit Level Outcomes

Students qualifying against the skills programme will be able to:

Accurately identify reasonably clearly defined spoor of small to large animals.

Systematically follow the track of a large ungulate or similar animal.

Estimate the age of spoor as less than a day, one to two days or older.

Establish needs, limitations and expectations of tourists.

Identify and assess locally accessible heritage resources and plan a guided experience

Provide informed and entertaining commentary

Apply a set of professional ethics

Ensure the health and safety of tourists on the guided experience with legal requirements

Ensure legal requirements pertaining to the guided experience are adhered to

Reflect on the guided experience

Prepare to conduct a guided nature experience on foot in areas where potentially dangerous animals may occur

Interpret the behaviour of animals in the broader ecological context in terms of human safety

Lead a guided experience to view potentially dangerous animals

Demonstrate firearm action drills in the event of an attack by an animal

The Occupational Qualifications certificates and skills development programmes are designed to be occupationally relevant and are composed of various credits which can be used towards a nationally recognised qualification.