Conservation Research

Course ID
Natural Resource Management
NQF Level 6
Dr Yolanda Pretorius, External
Blended Learning, Campus
5 weeks blended learning, 6 days contact training

The Southern African Wildlife College offers organisations and or private businesses the opportunity to enrol their staff for training in any of our short courses on the basis of ten people attending as a minimum requirement. Training can take place at the SAWC, via online format, or on-site at a location preferred and provided by the client. Courses can be tailored according to the specific needs of the organisation. Many short courses are offered in an online or blended-learning format for distance learners.


This module is an introduction to research. It teaches that research is the study and investigation of the world around us in order to understand it better. It deals with:

  • deals with scientific research by collecting information in a structured way and interpreting it using existing knowledge and logical reasoning.
  • It describes the types of research: Academic vs. Applied.
  • It discusses the role of research in management by identifying research needs and making research usable to managers.
Suitable for: 

Park wardens, conservation agency management staff, people involved in designing, planning, monitoring and evaluation of parks and reserves or conservation programmes.