Course ID
Responsible Resource Management
Various instructors
30 training days


To train community leaders in Holistic rangeland management, planned grazing, climate change resilience, low-stress handling of the herd, wildlife avoidance, basic veterinary handling, community engagement, and record keeping.

Target Group

Individuals wanting to improve their environmental conditions of their communities, properties and reserves. 

Entry level requirements

The learner will be required to have:

Basic literacy and numeracy

Individuals willing to work with cattle and livestock

Individuals passionate about changing their environmental conditions



Exit Level Outcomes

Participant will
• know what an Eco Ranger is.
• be able to recognise (read the land) possible unhealthy situations in the range land/grazing area.
• be able to identify potentially dangerous animals and situations, and to avoid it
• know about the life/production cycle of ruminant animals including their behaviour and needs.
• understand why record keeping is critical.
• know what stakeholder and stakeholder engagement are.
• learn to identify, to prevent and to handle commonly occurring animal diseases.
• have a basic understanding of climate change and its effects on the environment.

The SAWC offers organisations and or private businesses the opportunity to enrol their staff for training in any of our short courses. Training can take place on campus, via online format, or on-site at a location preferred and provided by the client. Courses can be tailored according to the specific needs of the organisation.