Certification and the ins and outs thereof 

The Certification policy describes the process of Certification as it relates to the successful completion of National Certificates, Advanced Certificates, Diplomas and Institutionally Accredited programmes by students of the SAWC. The Quality Management System of the SAWC maintains the integrity of the training and assessment processes, and the Certification policy supports these processes. Furthermore, it protects the integrity of the qualifications as well as prevents any misuse or non-conformity during the certification process. 

The qualifications offered by the College are registered with the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and subscribe to the certification regulations of the Higher Education quality assurance body. As a registered institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training, the SAWC assumes the responsibility of issuing all Certificates for the qualifications that fall within the Higher Education category. 

Each Certificate is issued with a unique number which will appear on the bottom corner of all printed Certificates. This number is captured on a Certificate records list to ensure that issued Certificates can be tracked and monitored. Once a Certificate has been issued this unique number will not be duplicated on any future Certificate even if the Certificate is spoiled. Any Certificate that is spoiled during the printing process will be noted on the Certificate register against the unique Certificate number. 

The printing of the text on the template is done by the Registrar’s office, according to a template design approved by the Registrar in line with the SAWC’s Corporate Identity and Brand Standards Manual. 

The Certificates printed for the Higher Education qualifications also conform to the design and information requirements prescribed by the Department of Higher Education and Training.  

If a student misplaces a Certificate, they may request the SAWC to re-issue a Certificate. One re-print of a Certificate per student is permitted at a fee of R100 excluding courier fees. The Student Records Administrator will confirm the details of the student and records the information. A replacement Certificate will then be drawn from stock and numbered with the same number as the original Certificate issued, followed by the letter R (confirming it as a “Re-print”). The re-print of the Certificate will also be recorded against the original Certificate issue list for tracking purposes. 

In the first quarter of each year, the stock of certificates will be audited in conjunction with the register to ensure that all certificates are accounted for. This is in line with the requirements for the Annual Report submitted to the Department: Higher Education and Training.