Friends of African Wildlife once again paid homage to their positioning line “Be Part of It” when they recently brought two family groups from Switzerland to see what the College is about and why it is so special to foundation founders, Christoph and Bettina Weber.

Pictured are families Bechir (Diolaiuti and Bliggenstorfer) and Muff having a quick early morning coffee before heading out on a game drive.

Friends of African Wildlife was founded following a visit that the Webers made to the College with College Ambassador, Charly Gräff in 2010. Since setting up the foundation in Zürich Switzerland, the Webers have been instrumental in raising funds to support students on a number of the College’s training programmes. They have also been keen supporters of the College’s aerial and K9 projects both personally and as members of the foundation, having helped fund both the Bathawk aircraft and now more recently the Savannah aircraft, which have replaced the Bathawks.

Christoph and Bettina Weber of Friends of African Wildlife pictured at the College’s hangar with the two Savannah aircraft which they helped sponsor.

“It is wonderful to have our donors not only visit the College but to interact with the students and staff and participate in some of the project activities,” said Jeanné Poultney, Executive Manager Marketing, Fundraising and Media Relations. “It really gives them a tangible sense of who and what they are funding. With Friends of African Wildlife, they really are a special ‘part of it’ having played such a vital role in supporting the work that the College does,” she added.

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