Dear friends and supporters of the Southern African Wildlife College,

Nature-based solutions are critical if we are to secure a future for humankind. This makes our mission as a conservation education, training and skills development institution more crucial than ever before.

We are truly dedicated to ensuring that we deliver on our mission, which includes addressing the most effective means of adapting conservation science, methodology and practice to try and halt or slow down declining ecosystems and address climate change. In turn, it ensures a duty of care towards all components of biodiversity to enable people, the planet and the economy to thrive.

I extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to our staff, donors, partners and supporters as we proudly share our 2022 Annual Review with you. I believe it highlights and illustrates our commitment to high-impact, holistic and applied learning. The review draws on all our departments’ work, as well as on our students’ learning experiences and successes. It also allows us to reflect on how we move forward as we realize just how far we have come and how much work we still need to do.

Following the countless residual challenges following the Covid-19 pandemic, some of which we are still dealing with, our resilience has paid off. 2022 proved to be an extraordinary year of recovery. We made new inroads and reached some significant milestones which you will read about in the year under review.

We continue working towards our goal of entrenching the College as an innovative, responsive and regional training provider that can facilitate and stimulate communities of practice to engage effectively. In so doing, we continue to engage people across communities whilst we witness the ongoing impact our students are having in the landscapes they work in. We are so proud of their achievements.

Our contribution to conservation training across the region and beyond is only made possible through the passion and perseverance of our dedicated staff, and the continued support of our loyal donor community, our partners and supporters. We thank each and every one of you for continuing to make a difference and for being part of our successes. I hope you will find the highlights in our latest Annual Review inspiring.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely.




Theresa Sowry

Chief Executive Officer

Southern African Wildlife College