Financial Support

The Southern African Wildlife College endeavours to find funding across the various training courses and programmes offered. As such students may apply for available scholarships and bursaries.

Bursary Support for Higher and Advanced Certificate Programmes

The course fees for the Higher Certificate: Nature Conservation Implementation and Leadership (NQF5) or Advanced Certificate: Nature Conservation Transfrontier Conservation Management (NQF6) is supported by the student’s organisation together with bursaries provided via our Adopt-a-Student Learner Legacy Programme. These fees are then further subsidised by Peace Parks Foundation via its donor base.

In order for a student to apply for bursary support, they will be required to complete the bursary application section in the course application form. In this section, the student will need to state the funds that they are able to contribute towards the course fees (either through their employer or in their personal capacity). The bursary application would then be for the balance of the subsidised tuition fee amount. Students requiring bursary support are also encouraged to apply independently to funding organisations in their home country or internationally as the number of bursaries available depend on donor funding.

National Certificates and Learnerships

  • Bursaries are made available depending on donor support.

Skills Programmes and Short Courses

  • Organisations and individuals pay for themselves; unless otherwise stated, bursaries are not available.

Youth Access: Conservation and Environmental Education Bridging Course

  • Limited bursaries are awarded to successful candidates to cover course fees and include the costs of accommodation, meals, and training at the College.

How you can help

The College currently offers two fully-accredited year-long qualification courses: The Higher Certificate in Conservation Implementation and Leadership and the Advanced Certificate in Trans-frontier Conservation Management. Each year the College trains approximately 50 students across both these Programmes. Most of these students are mature individuals drawn from agencies where they are already involved in conservation management.

Each student’s organisation makes a contribution towards their studies to show their commitment but the bulk of the funding has to be raised. We thus appeal to organisations, donor organisations, trusts, and individuals to consider funding these flagship students, many of whom will go on to senior positions. Here, with the support of a broad array of stakeholders, they will achieve long lasting conservation results that address the economic and ecological needs of the region.

Contribution Options

  • The cost of a full scholarship is R 100,000 per student, which covers the full cost of the course, student accommodation, meals, transport, learning materials, course development, lecture fees etc. This is then subsidised in part by Peace Parks Foundation’s contribution and the organisational contribution.
  • The bursary contribution is R 75,000 per student, which is then further subsidised by Peace Parks Foundation’s contribution, the organisational contribution, and also through the cross subsidisation of other courses run at the College.
  • Assistance can also be provided by way of a donation to Southern African Wildlife College Trust – the College’s capital trust which ensures that funds donated are used to secure the future of the College and the training of its students.

Help us grow the Trust

Donations are invited directly into the Southern African Wildlife College Trust bank account.


Bequests and Gifts

Leave a living legacy by becoming part of our future and the future of conservation.