The Campus

Our campus is designed to blend into the natural environment, and to use minimal resources like water and electricity. It is also designed to meet the academic, practical, and recreational needs of the people who live, study and work there.

At home in the wild

The College has accommodation and catering facilities on site. The campus is fenced and students can walk or run around it on the new running track, a distance of 1,5 km. The College also has traversing rights within the contractual national park within which it is located. Designed to blend into the natural environment, we’ve used innovative designs to minimise the use of natural resources like water and electricity without compromising the comfort of our students, and we’re constantly looking for sustainable ways to lighten our footstep even further.

The location of the College allows access to a diversity of land use types from national, provincial and private reserves, community owned agricultural land and local community trust areas. As such, the College offers a myriad of on-site training opportunities which have empowered and inspired people from Africa and beyond to manage and conserve some of the world’s most biologically diverse areas.

Equipped to equip conservationists

Life on campus provides the best of both worlds; immersed in Kruger’s abundant nature, yet fully equipped with the facilities to support theoretical learning and physical training.

Comfortable accommodation in twin en-suite rooms or safari tents.

Fully equipped kitchen and dining hall, and a bush pub.

A computer centre, conference rooms, and large and small lecture rooms.

A workshop and welding shop.

A small fleet of game drive vehicles and excursion buses.

A fitness center, soccer and volleyball fields, swimming pool, and other amenities.

Workshops and conferences

The College is an ideal location for groups to hold workshops, seminars, team building exercises and retreats. The College can be used solely as a venue where accommodation and meals are provided or special packages – including game drives, bush walks, conservation-related activities and community tours – can be arranged to suit the needs of your organisations/party.

Game drives and walking safaris as well as cultural guiding in the local community can also be arranged, with archaeological sites and other recreational facilities areas close to the tourism training facilities.

Phase II Campus Design

Learn about the College's innovative and sustainable new campus design: Phase II