Nomsa Betty Kamanga, NQF 6 – 2018. Sponsored by KfW Stiftung.

“My name is Nomsa Betty Kamanga, born in Zambia. I work for the Zambian Carnivore programme as a Research Assistant Trainee Ecologist. While I did not get a promotion after completing my studies at the Southern African Wildlife College, I am grateful for the scholarship that I got to study in the United States of America. I am currently a student at Katoba College where I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Environment and Sustainability. My major is in Community-based Natural Resource Management and my minor is in Graphic Information Systems. After graduating, my interest is to study either leadership courses or environmental policies.” 

My name is Dominic Mnwananwali, from Namibia. I recently graduated from the Southern African Wildlife College where I was studying Natural Resource Management NQF L6. After completing my Advanced Certificate, I got promoted from Field Ranger to Park Warden.

I was also moved from the border to Tsau Khaeb National Park. My wish was to further my studies at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). Unfortunately, I could not afford to pay for two people as I had to pay my daughter’s fees for her first year at the University of Namibia (UNAM). She is studying education. 

I am currently enjoying my new position where I am exposed to fieldwork, wildlife management, law enforcement, and human-wildlife conflict. I also got an opportunity to attend a short training course on the use of SMART which has been in most of our National Parks since last year 2022. The system is amazing because it makes my work easy when collecting data and compiling reports. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity given by Foundation Segré who supported my studies financially and for the Southern African Wildlife College for being an amazing and welcoming institution. I wish the organisation great success in continuing to do great work for other people who are passionate about furthering their studies in conservation from all over SADC.” 

Dominic Mnwananwali, NQF 5 – 2019. Sponsored by Eventus Sitrus, NQF 6 – 2021. Sponsored by Foundation Segré.

“I am Ms. Octavia Makhubele from South Africa, a former student of the Advanced Certificate in Trans-frontier Conservation Management (NQF 6) Class of 2022.  I recently became a Senior Field Guide for Talamati Bush Camp (Kruger National Park under SANParks).  

To my former academic sponsors, Foundation Segré, and the SAWC: 

I am very grateful for the numerous financial contributions you have made in support of my education. Without your help, I may never have been able to complete my studies. Your generosity and help have been an inspiration to me. Again, thank you for the encouragement and financial support that you have given, it made a huge contribution to my life. I hope you can get more strength to sponsor more upcoming students to help them to achieve their goals and dreams. 

After I graduated, I gained the confidence to do my job given the knowledge and skills I got from the SAWC. I am delighted to report that I got a promotion on 1 June 2023 after being a Junior Field Guide for 7 years.  I am now part of the Senior Personnel at the Bush camp. My second objective is to become a Section Ranger. I also plan to study further in order to achieve more. 

The advice I can give to upcoming students is to invest more time in their studies and forget about things that will never benefit them in future. Do what is right, not what is easy. Dreams remain dreams until you take action. When you quit, you fail. Trust your instincts. Learn something new every day. Make what is valuable important. Believe in yourself. 

Thank you so much for the support, this really means a lot in my life.” 

Octavia Makhubele, 

NQF 6 – 2022. Sponsored by Foundation Segré.

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