2018 an exciting year ahead…

After scrambling back in January after a much needed and welcome break, we would first of like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all our supporters and donors for their generous and committed support in 2017.  We could not have done it without you!

2017 proved to be a very exciting albeit challenging year with the clock ticking down to complete Phase 11 of the College’s infrastructure development. We are really pleased that this is now to all intents and purposes behind us with us having now taken full occupation of the additional offices, training facilities and housing on site.

With the critical shift in the approach to conservation to mitigate the challenges being faced including loss of habitat, over population, over consumption, and the burgeoning wildlife trade we have also been hard at work to ensure that the courses and programmes offered in 2018 are well aligned to meeting conservation training needs, helping ensure livelihoods whilst also protecting wildlife at risk.

This year we look forward to being more active in sharing our news so that we can jointly climb the mountains ahead. Fortunately there are some green, even patches too and we look forward to sharing our successes with you. Much of this news will be communicated via our new website (watch this space for news of it going live soon) on our social media platforms as well as in our newsletters.

We really would not be able to continue doing the work that we do without the support of our partners and our donors so once again, we salute you and encourage you to stay the course with us.

Should you wish to know more about our individual programmes, training offerings and projects aimed at protecting our wildlife, we will happily send you more information.  Please drop us a line on  info@sawc.org.za.

Our Learner Legacy Adopt a Student Programme, which provides bursaries and support across training programmes such as our Natural Resource Management Higher and Advanced Certificate, our Youth Access Conservation and Environmental Bridging Programme, our field ranger training at various levels as well as our Sustainable Use and Field Guiding Programmes, is another really great option in terms of getting involved.   Please drop Jeanné Poultney a note on jpoultney@sawc.org.za who will be delighted to chat to you about this type of support.

Covering our operational costs and capital costs are one of those mountains that we spoke of earlier. Replacing the campus’ thatch roofs with Harvey Tile Thatching is an important part of this as it is presenting us with a large cost saving both from an insurance and maintenance point of view on the sections already completed. The baboons, who have had a lot of fun wreaking havoc on the thatch roofs, aren’t too happy with us but then again we aren’t too happy with them after they once again raided our baboon-proof dustbins!

The joys of working and living in the bush, but swop it, not a chance!

Thank you from all of us at the Southern African Wildlife College

We look forward to partnering with your again in 2018!