November 30, 2018


Bird data collection gains ground

In 2018, many of our Higher Education and Training students have been involved in collecting valuable bird observation data in and around the campus. This is of course a really important form of environmental monitoring, where we can undertake presence and absence studies, but, also track changes over time. With the ever-present and emerging threat...
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Earth Overshoot Day the earliest ever

Earth Overshoot Day was on 1 August this year. Throughout the world this day is remembered as the day we finish our allocated budget of natural resources for the year and begin operating on a deficit budget, because we have gone beyond ecological limits. Just like a bank account in red, we are on ecological...
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Field news – November 2018

The last few months have been rather strange weather wise. Normally we start to experience a few warm days during September with a light rain shower here and there, so when October arrives we  already have a slightly elevated humidity factor. This coupled with blistering hot days makes for a rather uncomfortable time in the...
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