Southern African Wildlife College

Specialised Training for Rhino Guardians


In 2015, 16 Young men from rural southern Africa received their national certificates in Wildlife Tracking from the SA College of Tourism Tracker Academy in Graaf Reinet, South Africa. These young graduates earned their qualification during an intensive 12 months accredited tracker course.

The first six-months semester of the the course was conducted at Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape Karoo-semi desert biome. Thereafter the students moved to Londolozi Game Reserve bordering the Kruger National Park to complete the second semester in the traditional bushveld savannah biome.

This allowed the students to master a wide range of skills and learn about the diversity of wildlife and its behaviour in two extremely different environments. Equipped with their new skills and qualifications, these trackers are now ready to take up employment at game farms and conservation areas across southern Africa.

For many of them though, this is not where their dreams end. With southern Africa in the midst of a wildlife crime crisis, many of them desire to dedicate their lives to protecting Africa’s iconic species from poachers. But to do so, they need further training – and this is where you can help.

Peace Parks Foundation needs to raise €10 500 to send passionate, hard-working trackers on further education in the highly acclaimed wildlife protection ranger programme presented by the Southern African Wildlife College.

Africa needs more dedicated rangers to take on the onslaught of poaching. These young trackers have the drive and commitment to use their unique combination of skills to protect their natural heritage. Your generous contribution can make this happen.


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