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  • Cultivating the Custodians of our Natural Heritage

    I often remember the words of my wonderful friend, companion and mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, as we toiled up the hills in the hot sun Mfolozi Game Reserve. "We are doing the work of God", he would say. "And our reward will come when people realise how important our national parks and game reserves really are....Dr Ian Player, Internationally renowned conservationist...Read more

  • Wildlife Guardian Programme

    In response to the current rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, a joint proposal between the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) and the Game Ranger’s Association of Breitling Replica Watches Africa (GRAA) gave  rise to the Wildlife Guardian Programme. This programme...Read more

  • Conservation and Environmental Bridging Programme

    It is essential for future leaders in conservation to be identified within the school system at an early stage and to be exposed to appropriate training opportunities. This programme is aimed at historically disadvantaged school leavers....Read more

  • Enterprise Development/New Venture Creation

    The future of South Africa's economy does not only lie in the formal sector, but also within the informal SMME sector. This is a growing part of South Africa's economy and requires substantial focus from a developmental perspective. It is essential that communities benefit ...Read more

  • Community Rangers Programme

    Many of our wilderness areas are under the growing threat of increasing population growth, sprawling urbanisation, deepening poverty, encroaching land use, poaching and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. It for this reason that...Read more

  • The Sustainable Utilisation Programme – PH Course

    The programme is designed to empower persons from historically disadvantage backgrounds to access an employment sector which, according to the Department of Environmental Affairs, is responsible for making an extremely valuable contribution to the economy...Read more

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By supporting a student or training programme at the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) you will be helping to conserve Africa's wildlife in perpetuity.

The SAWC’s ADOPT- A -STUDENT LEARNER LEGACY CAMPAIGN has been created in recognition of the fact that conservation education and training is not well funded in southern Africa. Despite the importance of providing training in skills as diverse as anti-poaching techniques, wildlife-conflict management, community-based natural resource management, geographic information systems, tracking and infrastructure development, little or no government funding is provided. Students who go on to become Protected Area Managers, Community Extension Officers, Field Guides, Game Rangers and Environmental Education Officers are thus reliant on financial support by way of bursaries and donor funds to complete their training and bolster their current skills.

The ADOPT- A -STUDENT LEARNER LEGACY CAMPAIGN gives you the opportunity to help wildlife management students further their studies or acquire the skills needed for their career advancement. By providing direct financial assistance to an eligible individual or to a training programme you can be assured that your contribution will not only help that person (or group of trainees) to reach his or her full potential but will also make a meaningful difference to conservation in Africa; both now and in the future.


1. You can support a student or group of students completing any one of four different training programmes

2. You can support the General Adopt-a-Student Learner Legacy Campaign fund with a financial gift/contribution at any level.



A. Higher Education and Training Courses – Protected Area Managers

The College currently offers two fully-accredited year-long qualification courses: The Higher Certificate in Conservation Implementation and Leadership and the Advanced Certificate in Trans-Frontier Conservation Management. Both of these courses include modules which have been included as a direct result of a training needs analysis conducted across SADC and which equip the student to deal with the key challenges facing conservationists today.

Bursary Funding Required: R60,000 per student including tuition, meals and accommodation

Note: A further contribution  can also be made by the donor/funder which will then cover the student's transport costs, a stipend etc. Scholarships of R70,000,000 are thus also awarded.


B. Youth Access: Bridging Course – School-Leaver Programme

It is essential for future leaders in conservation to be identified within the school system at an early stage, and to be supported within the field of conservation training. This 5-month training programme (which includes 2 month in the workplace) is aimed at school leavers who are interested in a career in Conservation and Environmental Education. It supports the student’s skills development from school through to career opportunities via practical and theoretical application.

Bursary Funding Required: R45,000 per student including tuition, meals and accommodation


C. Field Ranger Training – Special Skills and Anti-Poaching Training  Programme

The primary objective of this skills development programme is to train field rangers over a period of five weeks; giving them the skills to operate as a field ranger whilst also enabling them to effectively assist in curbing poaching activities and securing Africa’s wildlife populations in the reserves in which they operate.

Bursary Funding Required: R22,500 per student including tuition, meals and accommodation


D. Community-Based Natural Resource Management – Skills Development Programme (Subject to short course programme)

This 10-day skills development course is aimed at natural resource managers and people working within community-based conservation agencies. It is geared towards equipping participants with the knowledge and skills needed in gaining an understanding of local communities and their issues whilst identifying new approaches to natural resource management so as to influence policy on community issues and implement projects within their local area of operation.

Bursary Funding Required: R7,500 per student including tuition, meals and accommodation

Note: Various short courses/training programmes are offered by the SAWC. Should you wish to look at other options we will be more than happy to provide a list of short courses where training is required.

Group Option/Training Programmes:  The minimum group size for options B, C and D are 10 people. Should you wish to fund an entire programme the bursary funding can be extrapolated to cover the minimum number of students and the costs of the training course itself.

Note: All the above costs are in ZAR but can be provided in other currencies.

It is also important to note that the costs quoted may fluctuate as their are variations depending on whether the training is done at the SAWC or on-site and may also vary in terms of external trainer rates, accommodation type, transport requirements etc. 


All funds, with the reference Learner Legacy, deposited into the SAWC’s banking account will be specifically utilised for the Adopt-a-Student campaign towards bursaries or to supplement any shortfalls or additional costs required by students to complete their studies.Please do however notify us of your contribution.

Direct Bank Transfer: Ref: Learner Legacy

Banking Details: Account Name: Southern African Wildlife College

Bank Name: Standard Bank SA

Branch Code: 0527-5242

Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Account Number: 230118860


Apart from knowing that you will have made a difference to someone’s life and the life of the people he/she supports, you will also be making a contribution to conservation in Africa in perpetuity. As such you will:

  • Be recognised on our ADOPT-A-STUDENT wall at the SAWC (full contribution)
  • You will receive reports from the Wildlife College and from the student you have sponsored (certificate course students)
  • You will be added to the SAWC’s newsletter mailing list



For more information or to make your Adopt-a-Student financial contribution, please contact:

Jeanné Poultney | Head: Marketing & Fundraising


PO Box 2193 | Cramerview | Johannesburg 2060 

Republic of South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)11 704 4386 | Mobile Tel: +27 (0)82 45 828 45 

Fax: +27 (0)86 670 8687 |

SAWC Direct Line |+27 (0)15 793 7300 |Fax: +27 (0)15 793 7314



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