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  • Cultivating the Custodians of our Natural Heritage

    I often remember the words of my wonderful friend, companion and mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, as we toiled up the hills in the hot sun Mfolozi Game Reserve. "We are doing the work of God", he would say. "And our reward will come when people realise how important our national parks and game reserves really are....Dr Ian Player, Internationally renowned conservationist...Read more

  • Wildlife Guardian Programme

    In response to the current rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, a joint proposal between the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) and the Game Ranger’s Association of Breitling Replica Watches Africa (GRAA) gave  rise to the Wildlife Guardian Programme. This programme...Read more

  • Conservation and Environmental Bridging Programme

    It is essential for future leaders in conservation to be identified within the school system at an early stage and to be exposed to appropriate training opportunities. This programme is aimed at historically disadvantaged school leavers....Read more

  • Enterprise Development/New Venture Creation

    The future of South Africa's economy does not only lie in the formal sector, but also within the informal SMME sector. This is a growing part of South Africa's economy and requires substantial focus from a developmental perspective. It is essential that communities benefit ...Read more

  • Community Rangers Programme

    Many of our wilderness areas are under the growing threat of increasing population growth, sprawling urbanisation, deepening poverty, encroaching land use, poaching and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. It for this reason that...Read more

  • The Sustainable Utilisation Programme – PH Course

    The programme is designed to empower persons from historically disadvantage backgrounds to access an employment sector which, according to the Department of Environmental Affairs, is responsible for making an extremely valuable contribution to the economy...Read more

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It has always part of the College’s culture and a mission to engage with and work with local communities. At the outset, and during the construction phase of the College, local builders and thatchers were further trained and employed. Many of the SAWC staff were also drawn from the local community, a number of whom are still with the College today.

With support from the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust, Managed by Nedbank Private Wealth, the SAWC has also been to establish an office dedicated to community related extension programmes. As such, the College has been giving support to local communities to engage them in better natural resource management and to choose wiser options to help conservation efforts. By raising conservation and environmental awareness through educational and cleaning campaigns, training workshops and participation in environmental and rhino day events, the College and the local communities are working hand in hand to ensure future sustainability.

With visitors coming to the College; opportunities have also been created to establish and maintain mutual partnerships among various stakeholder that benefit local communities.  This pertains not only to natural resource management but also to socio-economic development such as the drilling and installation of boreholes in local primary schools, the painting of classrooms, the establishment of vegetable gardens, teachers’ environmental workshops and organising learner game drives to game parks and schools competitions. 

In addition, the College also contracts local cultural groups including dance groups and choirs from the Welverdiend Community to perform at special occasions held at the College.


The College has adopted six primary schools to support them in affiliating and participating in the WWF-SA/WESSA Eco-School programme aimed at improving environmental management at the schools as well as environmental learning. One of the six schools has been awarded with a prestigious International Flag award for its continuous and consistent improvement of its environment and learning over the past five years. Other schools received Green flags and gold certificates. 

For further information please contact our Community Liaison Officer:  Sboniso Phakati  at the College Tel: +27 (0)15 793 7303 or by emailing



As a way of generating a love for reading from a young age, the Resource Centre at the Southern African Wildlife College started a Bookmobile Project in 2012. The main goal of the project is to make books available to children from the local community who do not have access to reading material as there are no community libraries and most schools do not have a functional library.

The pioneer school for the project was Lumukisa Primary in Acornhoek. The Resource Centre used books that were donated by Biblionef - a book donating agency - and graded them according to the children’s developmental needs. A book box for each grade containing on average 30 books was delivered to the school. Children have the opportunity to read the books during breaks and even in class when they have completed their work. The book boxes are left in the different classes for a full school term, checked by the Resource Centre staff on a fortnightly basis and thereafter collected for any repair work before being returned for the next cycle.

It was decided to expand the project to more schools in the community namely: Manyeleti, Nxalati and Mtembeni Primary. Our very generous initial donor Biblionef gave a commendable amount of books to the three new schools. The official launch of the project was held at the College on Friday, 15 June 2012. Guests included the Circuit Manager from the Department of Education who supports the project objectives as well as teachers from the schools who had been nominated to assist us with the project.

'We might have started on a low note with paper boxes for carrying the books from class to class. They were not very sturdy not eye-catching for the young reader, but by the end of the year we had sourced enough plastic boxes for each of the schools in the project. In 2013 we are however really pleased to announce that all our schools now have a durable plastic container for each classroom which they are grateful for," said the SAWC's Sunel Lindeque.

"Although a large  amount of books were donated, this is still unfortunately not enough for the impact which we’re hoping to make. It is our hope that as the programme progresses we will be able to source as many books as possible; enough to surpass our goal of achieving a child to book ratio of 1:1. Funding is needed for the purchasing, maintenance and replacement of books. We also require transport costs for the project. In future we are hoping to start a small library at every school and we are therefore seeking donations to assist us in our goal,"she added.

The SAWC invites you to partner with us in bringing change in these children’s lives, one book at a time. For more information on the project or for making donations, please contact the  Manager: Learning Resources - Sunel Lindeque at 015 793 7315 or


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